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Ash Wednesday 10:30am Service has been postponed till Friday 10:30am

Church Schedule and Announcements at the Bottom of Page. Community Events on Events Page

We are now able to accept Offerings and Donations by E-Transfer.  If you have electronic banking set up through your bank, you can transfer funds to; no password is needed.   To receive a receipt, please indicate if it is an Offering or a Donation in the comment box, and include your name and address.  If you are making a Memorial Donation, also include the name of the person the donation is in memory of. 

Our Sunday morning worship services are at 8:00am (BCP) and 10:00 am (BAS with music and livestreaming). We are continuing to stream our worship services on this site and plan to continue indefinitely. We have posted the liturgies we're using under our "livestreaming" category in the bar above if you wish to follow along as you watch and participate more fully.

We as a church community remain committed to caring for one another, as always. Our methods might change, but the loving care remains. As our situation and our guidelines shift constantly, I have every confidence in your creativity in finding ways to care for one another.

I pray for you all and I know you pray for each other. God bless you all and know that you are loved! Big (virtual) hugs to all. 

Rev. Michelle

We, the parish family of Emmanuel Anglican Church, in Spryfield, Nova Scotia, have been faithfully serving this community since 1853.

 Along with our worship services each Sunday, we are home to an outlet of Feed Nova Scotia, Brownie groups, Narcotic Anonymous and a very popular YMCA exercise program (Forever Young). 


Come in, come in and sit down,
You are a part of the family!
We are lost and we are found
And we are a part of the family!

We welcome all to worship with us on Sundays:
8am Holy Communion (BCP) and 10am Holy Eucharist (BAS)
10am- Sunday School (from September to May)

The 4th Sunday of every month we have a Family Eucharist at 10am, with the young people taking part in the service that is a more informal form of the liturgy and features contemporary music.

This service is followed by a time of fellowship

In The Parish

Monday February 12......      10:00am    YMCA "Forever Fit" (Upper Hall)
                                          6:15 Guides And Brownies
 (Upper Hall)

Tuesday February 13.....       6:00pm Confirmation Class (Church)
6:30pm N/A (Upper Hall)

Wednesday February 14....  10:00am YMCA "Forever Fit" (Upper Hall)
                                          11:00am Eucharist with Imposition of Ashes
                                          2:00pm Movie Time, The Chosen
                                          6:30am N/A (Upper Hall)
                                          7:00pm Eucharist with Imposition of Ashes

Thursday February 15.....      10:00am Meditation Group (Closed)
                                           2:00pm Melville Gardens Service
                                           6:30pm Sea Cadets (Upper Hall)
                                           7:00pm Pastoral Care Course (Church)

Friday February 16.....          10:00am YMCA "Forever Fit" (Upper Hall)

Saturday February 17....       10:00am Choir Practice

Sunday February 18.....         Lent 1
                                           8:00am Holy Communion BCP
                                          10:00am Family Service / Fellowship Time (Live Streamed)
                                           6:30pm B.A.P.S. (Upper Hall)
                                          7:00pm Taize Service

Monday February 19......      10:00am YMCA "Forever Fit" (Upper Hall)
                                          6:15 Guides And Brownies
 (Upper Hall)

Tuesday February 20.....       6:30pm N/A (Upper Hall)

Wednesday February 21....   10:00am YMCA "Forever Fit" (Upper Hall)
                                           11:00am Eucharist
                                           2:00pm Movie Time, The Chosen
                                           6:30am N/A (Upper Hall)

Thursday February 22.....       10:00am Meditation Group (Closed)
                                            1:00pm Prayer Group (Church)
                                            6:30pm Sea Cadets (Upper Hall)

Friday February 23.....           10:00am YMCA "Forever Fit" (Upper Hall)

Saturday February 24....        10:00am Choir Practice

Sunday February 25.....        Lent 2
                                           8:00am Holy Communion BCP
                                          10:00am Holy Eucharist BAS (Live Streamed)
                                          12:00pm Annual Meeting (Upper Hall)
                                           6:30pm B.A.P.S. (Upper Hall)


Volunteers Needed:  Are you interested in getting a bit more involved.  

Many of our committees need some new members, Spiritual Development, Property, Cemetery.  We are also looking for some new servers and new people to help with our phone calling ministry.  These are opportunities for you to learn some new skills, make new friends, and help  the church.  If there is something else you’d like to do, speak to Rev. Michelle. New ideas are always welcome.

Food Bank: With new clients every week and a total of 224 monthly clients, the Food Bank is in need of food or money donations. We are going to make another food tower in the church during May. We need anything, especially peanut butter, crackers, any kind of pasta, cookies, Kraft Dinner, soup, pasta sauce, rice, juice (non-refrigerated), cereal, canned beans in sauce, tuna, hygiene products (but not drugs). Actually everything.  Please help as you are able and feel free to spread the word to your neighbours. Drop off Sunday morning or Tuesday morning before 11 am. We also need bags to carry the food, jars for pickles. Thanks! Feel free to share this to your Facebook groups. 

Pastoral Visitors’ Course: This will be starting soon. The purpose of this course is to teach people how to do pastoral visits, in homes, nursing homes and hospitals, helping us to develop better listening skills, and also learning how to take home communion to people.  Please let me know if you’re interested as soon as possible, and when you would be available for meetings.

New Opportunities: Our church has several committees of council: Cemetery, Pastoral Care, Property, Safer Church, Spiritual Development. We also have several groups, like Mothers’ Union, Emmanuel Ladies’ Fellowship, Coffee Break, Prayer Group, and others. If you are interested in getting to know your fellow church members better and in contributing to the church and maybe learning new skills and stretching yourself a little, consider joining one of these. All groups can use new members. If you’d like to start a group or help with a project, speak to Rev. Michelle 

Annual Reports and Financial Reports: We’re at that time of the year again when we need the chairs of all the committees and church groups of any kind to write their annual reports and also to submit their annual financial reports. Ideally, we would have these by the beginning of February. Thanks.

Sidespeople and Greeters: We need some more volunteers to greet people, hand out bulletins, take up the offering and so on. If you’re interested, please speak to Rev. Michelle

Parish Council Elections: Just a heads up that at our Annual General Meeting this year (Feb. 25), we need to elect at least 1 and preferably 2 wardens and 3-4 members at large. Please pray about this and consider whether God may be calling you (or someone you can think of) to serve in these roles.

Choir: The choir has decided that they would prefer to wear their own clothes rather than robes on Sundays, and I have agreed to this. Another example of doing old things in new ways!

Parish List: We will be updating the list this week. If you are not on the list, or if anything has changed in your phone or address, please let us know.

Movie Afternoon: Come and watch The Chosen, a TV series about the life of Jesus. It is very well done and, in my opinion, really captures who Jesus was. We will watch one or two episodes and then discuss. Sarah Durnford has graciously agreed to host us. She can host 10 people, so please let her know if you’re coming. This will be held on Wednesday afternoons, 2 – 4 pm, starting on February 7.

Lent: Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 14, this year. We will have two services, at 11 am and 7 pm. We will also begin our annual PWRDF fundraising drive then. If you would like some materials to help you keep a holier Lent, or to go deeper in your relationship with God, speak to Rev. Michelle

Lenten Mid-Week services: We will have a service of holy communion on Wednesdays in Lent at 11:00am.

Fundscript: Today, after the 8:00 and 10:00 Services, Treena and Cécile will be answering questions about Fundscript.  It is a fundraiser where you buy regular gift cards for a specific popular store/restaurant through our Church.  There’s no extra cost to you (the buyer) and Emmanuel Church gets a percentage of the proceeds.  There are gift cards from a large selection of stores and restaurants available.  

Online Lenten Studies and Devotion: The Diocesan website has several different suggestions for Lenten studies and devotions of several different types from all over the Anglican Communion. To check them out, try this link:


Upcoming Community Events


The food bank is in need of  pasta, kraft dinner and soups. Any non-perishables would be greatly appreciated. Any donations is greatly appreciated. Also with the Holiday Season approaching we are looking for volunteers to help with the Christmas boxes, any help is greatly appreciated.


We are always in need of volunteers to help out in various areas of the church.


Server Training: If anyone would like to become a server, we will be starting training early in October. Just speak to Rev. Michelle or Liz Mahoney

HOME COMMUNIONS: If you know anyone from this parish who is unable for health reasons to come to church and would like a home communion, please let Rev. Michelle know.

Church Choir

Our organist and choir are always happy to welcome new members. Anyone wishing to join the church choir can attend practices which are held every Saturday morning at 10:00am in the church.

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