As of June 27, 2021 we will now be able to have in person services starting at 10:00am, we will also still have our online streaming. Hope to see you soon.

We are now able to accept Offerings and Donations by E-Transfer.  If you have electronic banking set up through your bank, you can transfer funds to; no password is needed.   To receive a receipt, please indicate if it is an Offering or a Donation in the comment box, and include your name and address.  If you are making a Memorial Donation, also include the name of the person the donation is in memory of. 

Dear Friends, we are gradually and carefully reopening for gathered worship and some meetings. Our Food Bank remains open, as it has throughout, with some limitations to number of volunteers and the way we distribute food. We are following the directives of our bishop and of the Ministry of Health and we urge you all to practice social distancing as much as possible, and, of course, wash your hands.

Our Sunday morning worship services have re-opened at 8:00am (BCP) and 10:00 am (BAS with music). However, we cannot do everything quite as normal. Some pews are roped off, there is no congregational singing, and we ask people to maintain distancing. However, it has been lovely to be back together.

We are continuing to stream our worship services on this site and plan to continue indefinitely. We have posted the liturgies we're using under our "files" category in the bar on the left if you wish to follow along as you watch and participate more fully.

We as a church community remain committed to caring for one another, as always. Our methods might change, but the loving care remains. As our situation and our guidelines shift constantly, I have every confidence in your creativity in finding ways to care for one another.

With the help of God and one another, we have weathered the first wave of Covid well. If there is another wave, we will weather that as well. I pray for you all and I know you pray for each other. God bless you all and know that you are loved! Big (virtual) hugs to all. 

Rev. Michelle

We, the parish family of Emmanuel Anglican Church, in Spryfield, Nova Scotia, have been faithfully serving this community since 1853.

 Along with our worship services each Sunday, we are home to an outlet of Feed Nova Scotia, Brownie groups, Narcotic Anonymous and a very popular YMCA exercise program (Forever Young). 


Come in, come in and sit down,
You are a part of the family!
We are lost and we are found
And we are a part of the family!

We welcome all to worship with us on Sundays:
8am Holy Communion (BCP) and 10am Holy Eucharist (BAS)
10am- Sunday School (from September to May)

The 4th Sunday of every month we have a Family Eucharist at 10am, with the young people taking part in the service that is a more informal form of the liturgy and features contemporary music.

This service is followed by a time of fellowship

In The Parish

Monday December 6.....        10:30am YMCA "Forever Fit"
                                                   6:30pm Brownies     

Tuesday December 7.....        2:00pm Mother's Union Christmas Get Together
                                                   6:30pm N/A

Wednesday December 8...    10:30am YMCA "Forever Fit"
                                                   1:00pm Choir Practice
                                                   7:00pm N/A

Thursday December 9.....       10:30am Melville Gardens Service
                                                    1:00pm Prayer Group
                                                    6:00pm Sea Cadets

Friday December 10.....           10:30am YMCA "Forever Fit"
Saturday December 11.....             
Sunday December 12.....         Advent 3
                                                     8:00am Holy Communion (BCP)
10:00 am Holy Eucharist (BAS) Live Streamed

Monday December 13......         10:30am YMCA "Forever Fit"
                                                       6:30pm Brownies

Tuesday December 14.....          6:30pm N/A
Wednesday December 15....      1:00pm Choir Practice
                                                         6:30pm N/A

Thursday December 16.....          6:00pm Sea Cadets
Friday December 17.....                
Saturday December 18....           
Sunday December 19.....            Advent 4
                                                       8:00am Holy Communion (BCP)
10:00 am Holy Eucharist Family Service (BAS) Live Streamed
                                                        7:00pm Compassion And Hope Service


Again this year there is a box in the Narthex for donations in support of the Mission to Seafarers shoe boxes for Christmas. A list is provided on the front of the box of items that they might use. Any of the items would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance……… Barb Patterson

Question re. Christmas: I know it’s a bit early to be thinking about this, but this year Christmas falls on a Saturday. We will be having Christmas Eve services on Friday, Dec. 24. I am wondering what you want to do
re. a Christmas Day service and a Sunday service on Boxing Day, Sun. Dec. 26? I am wondering who would come to either or both of these?
And which is more important to you? It is easier to make decisions like these with a little input from the people involved so please let me know your ideas on this.

Communion in Both Kinds: Today we will be returning to our usual practice of having communion in both kinds (ie, bread and wine). I will ask everyone to maintain distancing while coming up, including not standing too close to Rebecca, our organist. You will come up the side aisles and back down the centre aisle. As long as the ropes remain on the ends of the pews, this will mean walking down to the back, around and up the side aisle and back to your seat if you are sitting on the centre aisle and up the side aisle, back all the way down the centre aisle and back up to your seat if you’re sitting on the side aisle. You will receive your bread from the Licensed Lay Minister or Eucharistic minister and then your wine in a small glass from the Rector. Please put the empty glass on the tray provided. Gluten free bread is available. If you can’t do the walking around, we will bring communion to you as we used to do. Please keep your mask on except when actually receiving communion.


Upcoming Community Events


The food bank is in need of  pasta, kraft dinner and soups. Any non-perishables would be greatly appreciated. Any donations is greatly appreciated. Also with the Holiday Season approaching we are looking for volunteers to help with the Christmas boxes, any help is greatly appreciated.


We are always in need of volunteers to help out in various areas of the church.


Server Training: If anyone would like to become a server, we will be starting training early in October. Just speak to Rev. Michelle or Liz Mahoney

HOME COMMUNIONS: If you know anyone from this parish who is unable for health reasons to come to church and would like a home communion, please let Rev. Michelle know.

Church Choir

Our organist and choir are always happy to welcome new members. Anyone wishing to join the church choir can attend practices which are held every Monday evening at 7:00 p.m. in the church.